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I cannot pay for my order, what should I do?Updated a year ago

We are really sorry to hear you were not able to complete your purchase and we are here to support you the best way we can!

  1. If the error message indicates “Your payment details couldn't be verified”, please review all the details included: credit card number, account holder, and expiration date.
  2. If the issue is specifically related to the “expiration date”, the system will mark this section in red as in the example below.
  3. If the error message is “Card was declined”, the issue is not related to the data provided, but to the fact that the card may not be authorized for this purchase. You will receive an email notification confirming that your payment has not been processed. This might be the case if you have insufficient funds to process the payment. Remember that corporate cards or FSA cards can only be used for certain business categories such as travel or healthcare. In this case, you will need to use a different card.
  4. If the error message is Your card does not support this type of purchase:
  • Please check that it does not have any cross-border restrictions for its usage. If it is a debit card, remember some debit cards may require a PIN to be entered.
  • Check which cards and payment methods we accept here.
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