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Subscription Program Policy

Start benefiting from our subscription program


What’s a recurring subscription?

When starting a Vibro Sculpt Subscription, you agree to be billed in a recurring fashion on a per-order basis until your subscription is a) cancelled or b) paused.

Can I issue a cancellation of a subscription once it's been shipped?

Sadly, no. It is the customers responsibility to manage their subscription and skip any orders that they do not want shipped. Changes to the subscription must be done FOUR days in advance of next shipment if they wish to pause, skip, or delay next or

Can I change the frequency of my shipments after I placed my initial order?

Yes, you totally can! You can adjust the order frequency of your shipments emailing our Customer Care Team [email protected].

Can I pause my subscription if I’m out of town or just need a break?

Yup! Just skip your next shipment or shipments by emailing our Customer Care Team at [email protected]. Your Vibro Sculpt Subscription products will always remain X% off!

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you may cancel or pause your subscription at any time. We do require any changes or cancellations made at least FOUR days prior to your next order date. We do send a courtesy email reminding customers of their ship dates five days prior to the s